Welcome to Indian Institute of Food Science & Technology

Our college Indian Institute of Food Science & Technology runs by the society

“M.E.C.H & W Society” Which is established in 2004 and later with the genuine efforts of the chairman Dr. Rafique Shaikh, started the college in 2006 in Aurangabad city.


  • Achieves academic excellences
  • Develops a social conscience.
  • Develops creative self expression.
  • Ables to think globally.
  • Should be fit at healthy.

Amenities at Indian Institute of Food Science & Technology: 

Physical Facility :

Independent imposing building beautified by garden with spacious highly ventilated classrooms well-equipped laboratories having quality furniture, library with reading hall, separate waiting hall, advanced computer laboratories with UPS backup facility and internet connection , administrative offices, water coolers, toilets at each floor of  building, separate parking for girls.

Staff : Highly qualified experienced staff, well trained to pulpills today’s latest trends in all aspect

Sport Facilities :

Sport department offers all facilities for indoor and outdoor games, in the college valuable guidance is given for various games and sport such as Kabbadi, Athletics, Yogas, Soft ball, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Carom, Chess etc.

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